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Personnel development & Perspectives

We expect a life-long learning.

Goal agreements are prerequisite for a motivated and successful project work. We regularly conduct discussions with our employees; this dialog is the base for an honest assessment of strengths, of development needs and agreement of goals.

In addition to professional goals we discuss personal development goals that are related to individual professional developments.

We commit ourselves to a business-oriented staff development that brings in accordance individual and company needs and goals. We put great value to a targeted specialist qualification to ensure that continuously increasing demands and constant change of technologies and tools can be mastered.

In addition we demand and support social and personal competencies of our employees depending on their task and position. These are e.g. team spirit, communication strength, customer orientation, conflict ability, leadership qualities and presentation skills.

Depending on personal strengths and capabilities we make it possible for you or to pursue a specialist career within a defined department or a career in project management, team lead or executive management with broad scope of responsibilities.

We offer interesting prospects.


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