Working time & Salary

Performance pays at Softing

Softing offers attractive income opportunities to its employees with flexible work time models and best combination of work, leisure time and family.

Whether early or late riser - Softing's working time model allows for adapting the working time to your own needs. The handling of accumulated overtime is very flexible too and overtime can be converted into additional leisure time, compensation or other advantages.

In return, the salary of our employees is - depending on their position - composed of a fixed part with or without variable components. This can be an additional income opportunity for you. The amount of payment depends on the year's individual rating.

Softing is an attractive employer for engaged people with entrepreneurial spirit willing to critically inspect and improve processes.


Softing Human Resources

Gabriella Semrau 
+49 89 / 456 56-242

Kristina Dimitrova
+49 89 / 456 56-319